How to Use Hashtag in Your Internet Marketing Campaign

A few years back, using the pound sign at the beginning of the words of your social media posts may look odd. But nowadays, if you want to win social media engagement, using that single pound sign of now popularly known as hashtag sign is the key to success. 

Since Twitter introduced the use of a hashtag in 2007, other social media platforms followed the trend. If you want to increase your social media visibility or engagement, internet marketing company in houston would highly recommend utilizing hashtags. 

Generation hashtag has come a long way, and it opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses to promote their products or services. It is a smooth move to let your target market know that you exist. But how do you actually use hashtags in an online marketing campaign?

In this article, we will discuss different hashtag strategies to boost your engagement and marketing campaign to its full potential.

Local Hashtag

This is probably the commonly used and most effective way of using a hashtag. Local tagging allows you to attract viewers from a specific location or nearby places where you can promote your campaign. 

Those looking for a specific item or service can simply key in the hashtag sign followed by their location and the service or product. It will result in millions of options available. Some examples would be #NYPhotographer, #HoustonSEO, #TexasHMUA (short for hair and makeup artist), #BostonFoodies and more.

Posting new and exciting content in your social media platforms using these hashtags will make your product searchable.

Branded Hashtag

While local and generic hashtags are effective ways to reach your target audience, social media can be swamped with posts with similar hashtags, leaving your content irrelevant or out of reach. 

You can never go wrong with a branded hashtag as it carries your business’ name, which is your unique selling point. To make it more interesting and relatable, you can add action words or your campaign slogan. This way, social media users will also be inclined to use the same hashtag when they tap your product.

#ShareACoke, #MyCalvins, #TrippinWithTarte, and @McDStories are just one of the many best used branded hashtags that you can take inspiration from. 

A recent study shows that businesses use seven branded hashtags out of their ten social media campaigns. Aside from standing out among other generic hashtags, it gives viewers the impression that they are more brand-focused.

Trending Hashtag

Every day and even every hour, social media platforms generate their top trending topic locally and worldwide. Jumping on this trend can be an excellent exposure to your campaign as viewers can easily see your content. 

The right way to do this is to wait for a trending topic that suits your niche and use the right hashtag to join the trend. But of course, it is not every day that you get a trending topic related to your product. If this is the case, be creative a find a way to tailor fit your content to the current trending topic. 

Bottom Line

Overflowing hashtags on our feed can be annoying at times, but when you used correctly, it will surely benefit our marketing efforts. Many internet marketing company in houston have been joining this trend for years, and it is a sure hit. For more tips and information about Houston SEO, you may visit our nearby offices.